Persephone Market Garden


How we grow

Our farming practices...

We grow vegetables on 1.5 acres and practice crop rotation and intercropping. This means that we don't plant the same kind of crop in the same spot every year and we don't plant large areas to one crop – that would be like serving our crops to pests on a silver platter! Instead we move things around from year to year and mix things up throughout the season.

To feed the soil, that feeds the plants, that feed us, we use compost and cover crops.

In 2019, we started transitioning to no-till methods, which means that we are eliminating tillage on the farm -- no more rototiller or tractor cultivator! Instead we are relying on the soil biology and taking care of that soil life by not disturbing it through cultivation, keeping the soil surface covered, growing a wide variety of crops and working to have living roots in the soil as much of the year as possible.

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