Persephone Market Garden


How we grow

Our farming practices...

We grow vegetables on 1.5 acres and practice intensive crop rotation and intercropping. This means that we don't plant the same kind of crop in the same spot every year and we don't plant large areas to one crop – that would be like serving our crops to pests on a silver platter! Instead we move things around from year to year and mix things up throughout the season. To feed the soil, that feeds the plants, that feed us, we use compost and cover crops.

In addition to field practices, we believe in a short food chain where all players (farmers and eaters) get to know each other, in order to build a fair market that fosters a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Are we organic?

Our goal is to align our farming practices with the principles of organic agriculture as described by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). However, we are NOT certified under the Canadian Organic Regime.

To become certified under the Canadian Organic Standards, a farmer must be certified by a third-party. For a fee, an inspector assures that practices meet the minimal standards of this regulation. However, at our small scale we feel that the costs of certification exceed the benefits. Instead, we invite our members and customers to visit the farm, observe our practices and ask questions!