Persephone Market Garden


Is CSA for me?

CSA is not for everyone.

Yes, really. So here are some questions to help you think about whether you really want to participate in a CSA:

  • Do you value having really good vegetables that taste great?
  • Do you love to cook and do you cook regularly each week?
  • Are you willing to try new foods?
  • Are you able to give up some control over menu planning and embrace truly seasonal eating?
  • Can you improvise in the kitchen and adapt recipes? If a recipe calls for spinach, can you make use of chard?
  • Are you home regularly or traveling a lot?

If you answered mostly yes, then a CSA may be a good fit. More information here and sign up here.

Were your answers often no? Then how about buying our vegetables through Eat Local Grey Bruce? Each week, you pick exactly what you want!