Learning Together

Workshops and Presentations

We offer workshops on a variety of garden-related subjects. Get in touch if you would like to set up a workshop for your group.

We are also members of a consulting cooperative, the Grey Bruce Centre for Agroecology, which offers workshops on various farm-related topics -- get in touch if you have a topic that you would like to learn about.


Each year, we offer full and part-season internships. The full season begins in May and ends in October. We offer practical on-farm education and respond to the particular interests of our interns.

Interns are involved in a wide variety of activities: starting seeds, transplanting, direct seeding, weeding, mulching, trellising, pest management, harvest and customer service. There are weekly garden walks to observe the garden, identify problems and solutions, and plan the week's work. All of our detailed crops plans are available to interns. We are members of the CRAFT network, so interns will also participate in monthly field trips throughout southwestern Ontario.