Persephone Market Garden


Garden Workshops

Can't make it to a particular workshop that you are interested in? No problem! Get a group of 5 and we'll find a time and place to make it happen! Get in touch.

Let’s get gardening together in 2019!

Join Kristine to learn, grow and connect with a community of enthusiastic gardeners!

Gain knowledge and skills that will make your gardening adventures more fun, fruitful and fulfilling! Each workshop will focus on a particular topic and offer the opportunity to do something practical.

Whether you are a beginning gardener, or have a few years experience, these workshops will grow your knowledge and give you practical tips. Best of all, together we'll grow a community in which to share your passion for plants, seeds and gardening with others.

What we'll learn

From planning to harvesting, we’ll cover the important steps in the garden season, as it happens, from March to September. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the soil and how to care for it, how to manage pests without poisons, what different types of plants need, and how to avoid spending your whole summer weeding and watering. You’ll leave each workshop with a compact handout and some practical experience in the garden. Each workshop will be about 2 hours long.

Your garden guide

Kristine Hammel has been market gardening for 9 years, growing more than 30 different crops through droughts, floods, frosts and heat waves. Seeing things grow, tasting the first harvest and watching her children’s excitement in the garden, have kept her enthusiasm alive through challenging and bountiful times.


Saturday, March 9th

10 am to 12 pm

Saturday, April 13th

10 am to 12 pm

Wednesday, May 8th

6 to 8 pm

Wednesday, June 12th

6 to 8 pm

Wednesday, July 10th

6 to 8 pm

Wednesday, August 7th

6 to 8 pm

Saturday, September 28th

10 am to 12 pm


Each workshops costs $35. Sign-up for all 7 and you’ll get one workshop for free (total cost of $210 instead of $245). Or buy a bundle of any 3 workshops for $90 (instead of $105). Makes a great gift for aspiring gardeners in your life!