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6 to 8 pm, Wednesday, August 7th

The best is yet to come! Extending the season.

Purpose: Even though Labour Day may seem like the end of the gardening season, if you plant in August, you’ll be harvesting some of your most delicious veggies into October and November (if the snows don’t come early). While you might think a fancy greenhouse is required, it's not! We’ll talk about which crops do well in cool, moist fall conditions, when to plant or seed them and how to foster a long harvest season. With a bit of weather luck, you might be able to impress your family with fresh veg from your garden until Christmas!

Activity: We'll turn the compost and check on its progress.

What you’ll take home: A handout on season extension, along with tips for successful home composting.

Available to purchase: Transplants (lettuce, beets, turnips, endive, and more).

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